Board Culture

Programme Overview

Do you run a progressive board? How does your board get things done? What tone does your board set for the organisation? Are ethical issues frankly and openly discussed? Are ethical considerations given to board decision making? These are critical questions that border on board culture


Programme Objective

To provide insights into board culture. By the end of the programme each participant will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of board culture
  • Explore the concept of corporate ethical culture and the tone from the board
  • Understand how board members and organisational leaders embed and transmit culture

Programme Coverage

  • What is board culture?
  • Four distinct layers of board culture
  • Applying the four distinct layers to board culture and dynamics
  • The three elements of board culture
  • How leaders embed and transmit culture
  • Transforming board culture
  • Culture that encourages excellent board dynamics
  • Culture change
  • Three toxic board culture
  • Tools to support a friendly board culture
  • Board culture questionnaire exercise and discussion

Who Should Attend?

  • Board members (EDs, NEDs and INEDs)
  • Company secretaries, deputy secretaries and assistant secretaries

Duration: 2 hours (In-house/In-plant only)

Date: As agreed with our client

Programme fee: As negotiated

Key benefits: programme materials and certificate of participation