Board Leadership Behaviours: Understanding the Good and the Toxic Individual and Group Behaviours in the Boardroom

Programme Overview

There are two distinct approaches to effective leadership. The first is to observe the behaviour of leaders, so that we can identify and promote those actions that are seen as value-adding that will, if widely implemented, help get the best from the talent in the organisation. The second is to examine the underlying attributes of leaders in order to improve the identification, selection and development of leaders for the future

Programme Objective

To provide a highly interactive insights into the world of board leadership behaviours. By the end of the programme each participant will be able to:

  • Appreciate what makes a great board
  • Understand the characteristics that differentiate boards from other teams
  • Examine the power of collective wisdom
  • Learn the challenge of the destructive director and the dysfunctional director
  • Know the group behaviours that should be exhibited by directors, inside and outside the boardroom


Programme Coverage

  • What makes a great board?
  • Characteristics differentiating boards from other teams
  • The power of collective wisdom
  • Individual Behaviours
  • An effective dissenter
  • The Challenge of the destructive director
  • Disruptive members – a common issue
  • The Ying and Yang of conflict
  • Five types of destructive directors
  • Dysfunctional directors
  • Group behaviours inside the boardroom
  • Group behaviours outside the boardroom
  • Five temptations of a CEO

Who Should Attend?

  • Board members (EDs, NEDs and INEDs)
  • Company secretaries, deputy secretaries and assistant secretaries

Duration: 2 hours (In-house/In-plant only)

Date: As agreed with our client

Programme fee: As negotiated

Key benefits: programme materials and certificate of participation