Board Member Orientation and Refreshment Programme: A Concise and Complete Guide for a Game-Changing Board

Programme Overview

Few things are more satisfying to new board members than the realisation that they have not only made a smart decision to join a board, but that they can immediately begin to make meaningful contributions. And nothing fosters that certainty more than a carefully planned, dynamic and interactive board orientation. Once an organisation has selected and appointed board members, it is important to on-board them successfully. Unfortunately, many “Board member Orientation” start and end with a tour of the organisation, its key programmes, history, mission and discussion with few top management staff. Whilst this is helpful, it does not sufficiently prepare the incoming board members for the director role they are expected to play.


Programme Objective

To provide robust, comprehensive and leading practice insights into the world of board member orientation. By the end of the programme each participant will be able to:

  • Understand the legal dues of directors Appreciate the concept of “director protection”
  • Learn the proper roles of the board and those of its committees, as well as directors’ role in creating a productive and progressive board
  • Explore the role of individual directors, as well as the role of the chairman, CEO and the company secretary
  • Examine board meeting dynamics and board culture

Programme Coverage

  • The legal duties of directors
  • Director protection
  • The proper role of the board
  • 15 directors’ role in creating a productive and progressive board
  • Board structure
  • The role of individual directors
  • The role of the chairman
  • The role of the company secretary
  • Policy framework
  • Board committees
  • Board meeting dynamics
  • Discussion of leading practice sample templates and guidance
  • Case studies and discussion


Who Should Attend?

  • Board members
  • Aspiring board members
  • Company secretaries, deputy company secretaries and assistant company secretaries
  • Public sector organisations’ board members
  • Senior civil servants and leaders of not-for-profit organisations
  • Experienced leaders who want to revisit and revitalise their board leadership skills
  • C-Suite executives
  • Senior Management and top management executives
  • Top management executives

Duration: 2 days

Date: 13-14 May and 13-14 November, 2019

Programme fee: N237,999.50 (US$767.74 for foreign participants). Special 10% discount for

groups of 4 or more.

Key benefits: Board governance knowledge expansion, programme materials and certificate of participation