LeishTon Academy™ will be releasing, in partnership with world-class academic and professional institutions, carefully designed and artfully crafted certifications in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. The first of such certifications is the “Certified Governance and Compliance Professionals™ (CGCP™).” The aim of this certification is to give opportunity to business executives and employees to pursue a viable alternative profession in governance, risk management and compliance.

This programme has the potential to chat a new course for participants, and after the programme they could combine their work experience and the new learning to redefine their career path. In other words, participants can decide to pursue a new career in corporate governance, enterprise risk management and/or compliance. The programme is going to run for three months, with two non-concurrent weeks in the classroom focused on contemporary issues in governance, compliance and enterprise risk management. Upon graduating from the programme, you will be designated a Certified Governance and Compliance Professional (CGCP™).

Upcoming Programmes
  • 9:00 AM — 5:00 AM
    Certified Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (CNDPR) Foundation ( C NDPR F )
    C NDPR Foundation and Practitioner LeishTon Consulting & BoardGov Limited, a NITDA licensed Data Protection Organisation (DPCO) is proud to present two Gold Standard robustly researched and meticulously designed Certifications in Data Privacy and Data Protection: 1. Certified Nigeria Data Protection Regulation Foundation (C NDPR F); and 2. Certified Nigeria Data Protection Regulation Practioner (C NDPR P). The Certified Nigeria Data Protection Regulation Foundation (C NDPR F) and Certified Nigeria Data Protection Regulation Practitioner (C NDPR P) credentials set an international standard for testing the knowledge of the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019 and associated Guidelines and Frameworks issued by the NITDA. Concerns regarding the privacy of our data are growing with advances in technology, social networking frameworks and societal norms. Numerous questions are raised in this fast-evolving paradigm of convenience at no cost: Whose data is it? Who has the rights to sell it? What is the value of the information that we are generating? Can it be shared by the Data Collectors, and, if so, under what circumstances? C NDPR F and C NDPR P are two-in-one certifications that provide comprehensive guidance and practical advice on complying with the NDPR. While the C NDPR F provides a comprehensive introduction to the NDPR with its 8 modules, the C NDPR P delves into the more advanced aspects of the NDPR, covering how the technical aspects of the NDPR can be translated into practical implementation actions in your organisation. The first C NDPR F (Live Online) Programme will be taking place between 2nd and 4th of August 2021, while the first C NDPR P (Live Online) Programme has been scheduled to hold from 5th to 8th August, 2021 with the certification exam available immediately after each Programme. The C NDPR F is a 3-day Live Online Programme while the C NDPR P is a 4-day Live Online Programme. Please, review the content of each Brochure because what you see is exactly what you will get. Pass Mark for each exam is 65% (26 questions out of 40). The benefits of having these designations are enormous (see the attached brochure to view detailed benefits). FACILITATORS; Dr. McLeish U. Otuedon Mr. Humphrey I. Okorie