LeishTon Academy™ is a trademark of LeishTon Consulting & BoardGov Limited (LeishTon). LeishTon is a closely knit, privately-held and forward-thinking company offering consulting, research, training services and corporate governance data solutions to its esteemed clients in Nigeria, other Anglophone West African countries and beyond. LeishTon operates from its office in Lagos.

LeishTon Academy™ is the primary training and development and research arm of LeishTon. It provides comprehensive and cutting-edge training programmes on a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to, leadership, corporate governance, good governance (public sector and NFPO), enterprise risk management (ERM), compliance, business continuity management, entrepreneurship, anti-money laundering (AML)/combating financing of terrorism (CFT), ethics, strategy, decision making, management, negotiation and persuasion, team management and leading teams, emotional intelligence, service excellence/customer service, sustainability/corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental and social risk, internal control and internal audit, fraud examination and forensic audit, financial crime control, organisational culture, organisational change management, career satisfaction and advancement, work-related outcomes, difficult conversations and feedback and effective communication and presentation skills.

LeishTon Academy™ applies a blended learning approach to delivering its programmes. This approach involves a combination of three crucial elements:

   Making research (theoretical and empirical) the foundation upon which all programmes are built;

   Introducing case studies to reflect on how decisions are made in real-life situations; and

   Bringing industry practitioners to the classroom to provide practical perspectives on the topic under consideration.

LeishTon Academy™ partners with organisations to build high-performing teams and the results can be huge. Completing a LeishTon AcademyTM’s programme, whether focused (open-enrolment) or customised (tailored), comes with a significant level of transformation, as individuals, as managers, as senior management employees, as directors, and as leaders.