Customised Programmes

If our open enrolment programmes are not the right fit for your organisation, we may still be able to work with you to develop tailored programmes that pay due attention to your organisational strategy, culture, values, short-term objectives and long-term goals and results. LeishTon Academy™ collaborates with individual organisations to design and deliver programmes tailored to their specific objectives, needs and challenges. Our programmes have the capacity to deliver real value and results on business and organisational performance in a sustainable, transformational and substantive manner.

Our customised programmes are designed to prepare individuals, teams, organisational units, departments, divisions and the organisation itself for future opportunities, future growth and future challenges. Our customised programmes also help empower leaders to take on greater responsibilities, tackle complex issues and achieve long-terms sustainable results.

For instance, LeishTon Academy™ can work with you to establish or reinforce your organisation’s shared values and culture amongst your employees. Furthermore, if your company is executing a lot of change projects or engage in merger and acquisition, we can also work with you to manage the soft side of the change process, particularly to ensure that teams function optimally, and that the organisation pay due consideration to conflicting cultures and take deliberate and conscious steps to define the new culture, as quickly as possible. In addition, we can work with your board to design a framework and enabling tools for effective performance evaluation, particularly peer-evaluation and self-evaluation.

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