Authentic Leadership in the Workplace: Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work

Programme Overview

What kind of a leader are you? Do you operate with highest integrity? Do you have a deep sense of purpose and true to your core personal values? Do you have any courage to lead your organisation to meet the needs of all stakeholders? Do you recognise the importance of your service to society? Are you committed to building an enduring organisation? Are you an ethical and honest leader? Do you believe in the leadership that is based on authenticity and character? What would your subordinates say about your authenticity? If you yearn for authentic, character-based and moral leadership, then this programme is for you. If you aspire to be an authentic leader, this programme can be a start of your journey to authenticity.

Programme Objectives

To provide a robust, comprehensive and fresh approach to the serious business of leadership. By the end of the programme, we hope that each participant will be inspired to become an authentic leader and be able to:

  • Define authentic leadership
  • Understand the two basic approaches to authentic leadership
  • Explore the essential dimensions of authentic leadership
  • Examine the concepts of “True North”; authentic leadership journey and authentic leadership compass
  • Appreciate the qualities required to develop the aspiring authentic leader
  • Learn the 8 characteristics of an authentic leader
  • Understand the falling dominoes effect of authentic leadership
  • Explore the profile of an authentic leader, the strength and weakness of authentic leadership and authentic leadership of men and women

Programme Coverage

  • Authentic leadership defined
  • Approaches to authentic leadership
  • Five essential dimensions of authentic leadership
  • The development of the authentic leader
  • Authentic leadership journey
  • Discovering your authentic leadership
  • Characteristic and profile of an authentic leader
  • The four dimensions of authentic leadership
  • The impact of authentic leadership on work-related outcomes
  • Authentic leadership of men and women
  • The falling dominoes effect of authentic leadership
  • Authentic leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Your development as an authentic leader
  • Putting the authentic leadership model into practice
  • Individual and group exercises, videos and case studies

Who Should Attend?

  • Board members
  • Senior and mid-level organisational leaders
  • Experienced leaders who want to revisit and revitalise their skills
  • All employees of private, public and not-for-profit organisations


Duration: 2 days

Date: 22-23 April and 67-27 August, 2021

Fee (exclusive of tax) – ₦275,999.50 (US$766.67 for foreign par participant, includes all training and course materials, breakfast, continental/ local lunch  and breaks. special 10% discount for group of 4 or more.

Key benefits: Explore the deeply personal core of your own leadership, programme materials and certificate of participation