Authentic. Servant. Transformational Leadership: The Three Gold Standard Leadership Behaviours Required by a 21st Century Leader

Programme Overview

What kind of a leader are you? Do you operate with highest integrity? Do you have a deep sense of purpose and true to your core personal values? Do you have any courage to lead your organisation to meet the needs of all stakeholders? Do you recognise the importance of your service to society? Are you committed to building an enduring organisation? Are you an ethical and honest leader? Do you believe in the leadership that is based on authenticity and character? What would your subordinates say about your authenticity?

If you yearn for authentic, character-based and moral leadership, then this programme is for you. If you aspire to be an authentic leader, this programme can be a start of your journey to authenticity.

This highly interactive, compressed and intense two-day programme provides organisational leaders and managers with a fresh approach to leadership, grounded in authenticity, morals, ethics and genuine character. We hope the programme will help you discover your authentic leadership.

Participants will learn through our blended learning approach, including presentations, case studies, role plays, insights from an organisational leader and theoretical and empirical evidence of the influence of authentic leadership on work related outcomes.

 Programme Objectives

To provide a robust, comprehensive and fresh approach to the serious business of leadership. By the end of the programme, we hope that each participant will be inspired to become an authentic leader and be able to:

   Define authentic leadership
   Understand the two basic approaches to authentic leadership
   Explore the essential dimensions of authentic leadership
   Examine the concepts of “True North”; authentic leadership journey and authentic leadership compass
   Appreciate the qualities required to develop the aspiring authentic leader
   Learn how to discover your authentic leadership
   Define your development as an authentic leader
   Learn the 8 characteristics of an authentic leader
   Understand the falling dominoes effect of authentic leadership
   Explore the profile of an authentic leader, the strength and weakness of authentic leadership and authentic leadership of men and women


We are first a research company, and everything we do, be it training or consulting, is based on research we have conducted ourselves or those conducted by others. So, we do not just train on the basis of emotions. Our training programmes are based on strong theoretical and empirical findings. These findings allow us to provide our programmes’ participants up to date perspective on areas of interest.

In addition, we are locals and we understand the business environment. We have a good blend of both consulting and real-world day-to-day practical business experience in Nigeria. We have folded our sleeves before and we can fold it for you. Indeed, we are not just trainers and facilitators, we have a good understanding of how things are done in practice in Nigeria. We pride ourselves to be subject matter experts (SMEs) in the areas we train on. If we cannot provide contemporary insights and in-depth knowledge on a particular subject area, then we would say it from the outset.

Furthermore, we have developed our competencies in a lot of areas and we can be a one-stop shop for your organisation in terms of consulting, training and research (qualitative or quantitative) in the areas of leadership, governance, strategy, change management, risk management, compliance, AML/CFT (for financial institution), ethics, team functionality, emotional intelligence, legendary customer service, internal control and standard operating procedures (SOPs) development. We also go out of our way to adopt the best model for each training programme we offer and we are even ready to go “Down Under” (Australia) if that is where we will find the best model. Aut Optimum Aut Nihil; this Latin maxim is not just a philosophy to us, we live it.

Finally, we have few partner firms in South Africa that we can occasionally collaborate with in areas where we need additional capacity.

Why Attend this Programme?

This programme offers you, your team and your organisation a fresh approach to leadership, refined in the crucible of real-world experience.

With this authentic leadership development programme, you will benefit from:

   Condensed and highly interactive, 3-day Authentic Leadership Development programme
   Proven authentic leadership behaviour development strategies
   Real-world examples and suggestions for transforming aspiring authentic leaders to actual authentic leaders
   Out-of-the-office focus on the Authentic Leadership Development – away from distractions, phone calls, meetings and other interruptions

Lagos, Nigeria
20-22 September, 2021

Fee (exclusive of tax)  N- ₦399,999.50 (US$1,111.11 for foreign participants). Special 10% discount for groups of 4 or more.