Programme Overview

As we survey the path leadership has taken, we cannot but appreciate the progress that has been made. From an humble start with the “Great Man” approach (in the early 20th century), the trait approach, the skills approach, the behavioural approach, the situational approach…to the full-range leadership/transformational leadership approach, leadership has become one of the most popular and most researched subject in the world. Sometimes leadership practitioners and even researchers alike speak of the earlier leadership approaches as if they are outdated and irrelevant for the 21st century leader. Learn More

Programme Objectives

To provide a robust insights into the key leadership approaches that have emerged, from “Great Man” to Transformational Leadership. By the end of the programme each participant will be able to:

  Define Leadership
  Explore the historical journey of leadership, from “Great Man,” trait approaches to transformational leadership
  Examine the whole gamut of leadership approaches
  Understand the “Great Man,” trait, skills and behavioural approaches
  Learn the situational approach
  Appreciate the path-goal and the leader-member exchange models
  Explore servant leadership, authentic leadership and the full-range leadership model


We are first a research company, and everything we do, be it training or consulting, is based on research we have conducted ourselves or those conducted by others. So, we do not just train on the basis of emotions. Our training programmes are based on strong theoretical and empirical findings. These findings allow us to provide our programmes’ participants up to date perspective on areas of interest. Learn More

Why Attend this Programme?

This programme gives you, your team and your organisation the opportunity to learn the evolution of leadership, from “Great Man” to transformational leadership.

With this programme, you will benefit from:

   Highly interactive, 2-day Leadership 101 training
   Proven leadership behaviour improvement
   Real-world examples and suggestions for developing a fit-for-purpose leadership model
   Out-of-the-office focus on leadership 101 programme – away from distractions, phone calls, meetings and other interventions.

Lagos, Nigeria ®
20 – 21 August, 2018

₦101,999.50 (US$1,070.96)