The GRC Capability Model: A Recipe for Principled Performance

Programme Overview

The need for GRC and its close cousin, Principled Performance, is ever increasing. This is more so as today’s business climate is more complex and more challenging than ever before. Even small businesses, not-for-profits, and government agencies face issues that historically affected only the largest international corporations. Internal and external stakeholders demand not only high performance, but also transparency into business operations. Contemporary risks and requirements are numerous, ever changing, and fast to impact the organisation. The variety, velocity, and volume of change both within and outside of each organization is overwhelming. New regulations, business decisions, changing workforces, and evolving technologies are just a few of the many examples of expanding change. As a result, the cost of addressing risks and requirements while managing performance to achieve established objectives is spinning out of control.

Many organisations and their boards have failed in their strategy formulation and objective setting responsibilities. Some others have failed in the implementation, monitoring and reviews of their strategies and objectives. Still, others have failed to adjust their strategies, as necessary. These failures have been partly attributed to lack of full understanding of the role of governance (performance), risk and related compliance issues to strategy formulation, objective setting and performance management.

GRC and Principled Performance have become important concepts that organisations are following in the 21st Century as they enable organisations to address a growing web of issues. They allow organisations to reliably achieve objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity.

This intense, compressed and highly interactive 1-day GRC programme provides participants with the opportunity to learn the GRC Capability Model and its implication on Principled Performance.

The programme provides robust and comprehensive tools, techniques and top tips for successful implementation of integrated GRC. The programme will also cover the OCEG GRC Capability Model Red Book 2.0 and 3.0.

Programme Objectives

To provide a robust, comprehensive and leading practices insights into the world of Integrated, Federated and Orchestrated GRC. By the end of the programme each participant will be able to:

  • Have a deep understanding of GRC and why it matters
  • Gain insights into the concept of Principled Performance and the relationship it has with GRC
  • Examine the need for Principled Performance
  • Explore GRC as a separate and distinct functions, and GRC as a Capability Model
  • Familiarise yourself with selected definitions of GRC
  • Understand why organisations exist in the first place (i.e. the big picture of business) in the context of GRC and Principled Performance
  • Understand the key concepts of Orchestrated, Federated and Integrated GRC and the drivers for its integration
  • Explore the OCEG GRC Capability Model
  • Learn how to juggle the three balls of GRC to achieve Principled Performance
  • Stimulate discussions on the relationship between GRC and Technology
  • Understand the benefits of a federated GRC
  • Familiarise yourself with the tools to help integrate GRC
  • Know how to reduce costs associated with the design, implementation and measurement of GRC
  • Discover the value of integrated and federated GRC
  • Appreciate and learn GRC critical success factors
  • Gain insights into GRC implementation strategies
  • Make the case for change in your organisation
  • Discover how to reduce costs associated with the design, implementation and measurement of GRC


We are first a research company, and everything we do, be it training or consulting, is based on research we have conducted ourselves or those conducted by others. So, we do not just train on the basis of emotions. Our training programmes are based on strong theoretical and empirical findings. These findings allow us to provide our programmes’ participants up to date perspective on areas of interest.

In addition, we are locals and we understand the business environment. We have a good blend of both consulting and real-world day-to-day practical business experience in Nigeria. We have folded our sleeves before and we can fold it for you. Indeed, we are not just trainers and facilitators, we have a good understanding of how things are done in practice in Nigeria. We pride ourselves to be subject matter experts (SMEs) in the areas we train on. If we cannot provide contemporary insights and in-depth knowledge on a particular subject area, then we would say it from the outset.

Furthermore, we have developed our competencies in a lot of areas and we can be a one-stop shop for your organisation in terms of consulting, training and research (qualitative or quantitative) in the areas of leadership, governance, strategy, change management, risk management, compliance, AML/CFT (for financial institution), ethics, team functionality, emotional intelligence, legendary customer service, internal control and standard operating procedures (SOPs) development. We also go out of our way to adopt the best model for each training programme we offer and we are even ready to go “Down Under” (Australia) if that is where we will find the best model. Aut Optimum Aut Nihil; this Latin maxim is not just a philosophy to us, we live it.

Finally, we have few partner firms in South Africa that we can occasionally collaborate with in areas where we need additional capacity.

Why Attend this Programme?

This programme gives you, your team and your organisation GRC training experience that is deeply rooted on the OCEG GRC Capability Model. You will learn how to design a federated and orchestrated GRC and how to setup processes and technology to be able to allow your organisation to focus on the three balls of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

Participant will learn through our blended learning approach, including presentations, case studies, role plays, individual and group exercises, and theoretical and empirical evidence on the benefits of implementing integrated GRC.

With this programme, you will benefit from:

  • Condensed, 2-day GRC training
  • Proven leading practice approach to establishing the GRC Capability Model for Principled Performance
  • Real-world examples and suggestions for establishing federated GRC
  • Out-of-the office focus on GRC – away from distractions, phone calls, meetings and other interruptions

Lagos, Nigeria  

Date: 8-9 February, 2021

Fee (exclusive of tax)– ₦199,999.50 ($555.55 for foreign participants) per participant, includes all training and course materials, breakfast, continental/local lunch and breaks each day. Special 10% discount for groups of 4 or more.