We interact transparently, honestly, respectfully and ethically. We do the right thing. Successful running of LeishTon requires trust, commitment, openness, resilience, accountability and courage from all involved, including the Chief Executive Officer. Our business is based on trust, which we earn by consistently acting in line with our values and principles irrespective of circumstances or outcome. It also means that our clients and other stakeholders can expect us to keep our brand promise and act with the highest degree of honesty and fairness.

We regard integrity as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of our action. We constantly strive to uphold the highest professional standards, provide sound advice and high-quality research information, and tenaciously maintain our independence and objectivity.

We live the LeishTon’s Integrity value by:

   Upholding the LeishTon name;
Avoiding both actual and perceived conflicts of interest;
Being honest;
Acting fairly;
Delivering on promises;
Being truthful to others and to oneself;
Being reliable;
Being trustworthy;
Taking ethical issues seriously and responding appropriately and swiftly;
Accepting and declaring gifts, entertainment and hospitality responsibly and in line with
   LeishTon’s Gifts and Entertainment Policy;
Complying with both the letter and spirit of applicable laws, regulations and internal policies;
Reporting unethical and criminal activities;
Performing our work with honesty, diligence and a high sense of responsibility;
Not knowingly be a party to any illegal activity or engage in acts that may impair LeishTon’s reputation; and
Being prudent in the use and protection of information acquired in the course of duty.