KYC AS a Value Creation Mechanism: A CDD, EDD, PEP, FEP and RBA Guide for Front-Line, Customer-Facing, Relationship Management, Client Engagement and Support Staff and the Compliance Officers Who Advise Them

Programme Overview

The adoption of effective KYC standards is an essential part of financial institutions’ AML programme. Financial institutions with inadequate or non-effective KYC programmes may be subject to significant risk. Sound KYC policies and procedures not only contribute to a financial institution’s overall safety and soundness, they also protect the integrity of the financial system by reducing the likelihood of financial institutions becoming vehicles for money laundering, terrorist financing and other unlawful activities.


Programme Objective

To provide a robust, comprehensive and leading practice CDD, EDD, PEP, FEP and RBA guide to front-line customer facing, relationship management, client engagement, client support employees as well as the compliance officers who advise them. By the end of the programme each participant will be able to:

  • Explain the role of FATF in KYC/AML Explore FATF pronouncements on CDD, EDD, PEP, record keeping, STR, reliance on third party and group entity, DNFBPs and tipping-off
  • Examine MLPA’s pronouncement on CDD, EDD, PEP, threshold reporting, STR, recordkeeping, reliance on third party and group entity, DNFBPs, AML programme, money laundering offences, predicate offences and other offences, as well as penalties
  • Understand the power the Attorney General has to make orders, rules, guidelines or regulations as are necessary for the efficient implementation of the provisions of the MLPA

Programme Coverage

  • AML/CDD related terminologies
  • What is FATF and what is its role in KYC and AML?
  • FATF pronouncements on CDD and EDD
  • MLPA pronouncements on CDD and EDD

Who Should Attend?

  • Front-line and customer facing employees of financial institutions and DNFBPs
  • Client engagement employees
  • Relationship managers
  • Customer support employees
  • Members of the KYC and customer on- boarding team
  • Members of the KYC review team
  • Cluster Compliance Officers
  • Heads of Compliance functions
  • Compliance Officers
  • AML Officers
  • Internal Control Officers
  • Internal Auditors
  • Financial institutions’ regulators

Duration: 1 day (In-house/In-plant only)

Date: As agreed with client

Programme fee: As negotiated

Key benefits: Improved KYC and CDD skills, programme materials and certificate of participation