LeishTon's Collective Ambition Compass

LeishTon’s collective ambition compass is a summary of how LeishTon’s leaders and employees think about why they exist, what they hope to accomplish, how they will collaborate to achieve their ambition and how their brand promise aligns with their core values.

At LeishTon, we use a design of concentric circles to represent our collective ambition. We think of it as a compass. Purpose is the centroid around which vision, strategy, brand, values and leader behaviours must orbit. The outermost ring contains the leader behaviours that enable progress. Vision, brand promise, strategic operational priorities and values lie in between, along with the target and milestones that will measure LeishTon’s progress in each element.

Although purpose is the source from which all the other elements of LeishTon’s collective ambition flow, it is not the only thing that matters in shaping and implementing LeishTon’s collective ambition. It is critical that we integrate all seven elements into the powerful story that is LeishTon’s collective ambition.