The LeishTon Centre for Leadership and Governance Thinking™ (LCLGT™) of the LeishTon Academy™ is responsible for all engagements for research purposes. The research team at the LCLGT partners with organisations to deliver cutting-edge organisational and work-related outcome research. Specifically, the research team:

   Focuses on organisational and applied research;
   Conducts work-related (individual and organisational) outcomes research in areas such as employee job satisfaction, commitment, motivation, effectiveness, empowerment, performance, citizenship behaviour (OCB), stress, intent to quit, voluntary turnover, work engagement and organisational justice. The impact or effect of organisational leaders’ behaviours on the aforementioned work-related outcomes can also be investigated;
Conducts research on change management, governance, leadership, compliance, risk management, AML/CFT, team building, presence or absence of dysfunctions in teams/organisation, effectiveness of internal controls, organisational culture, board culture, emotional intelligence in the workplace, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and customer service/service excellence;
   Adopts qualitative, quantitative and mixed method approaches;
Applies post-positivistic or non-post-positivistic paradigm, as well as theoretical or empirical, academic or
   Industry approaches in their studies, depending on the nature of the study;
Conducts theoretical and empirical research purely for knowledge advancements; and
Provides critical support to the LeishTon Academy™’s faculty.

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