The Elements of LeishTon's Collective Ambition

We want to be both sustainably profitable and engaged with our employees and other stakeholders. We believe there are seven elements that really matter for LeishTon’s success. These elements define LeishTon’s collective ambition, which provide a compass that leads to LeishTon’s success. LeishTon’s well-honed collective ambition comprises the following elements:


This is the heart of our existence. It is the reason for LeishTon’s being; why it exists; the core mission of the company. A clear purpose, which is why LeishTon exists and what it is in business to deliver, is the starting point of our collective ambition.


This is a position or status that LeishTon aspires to achieve within a reasonable period.

Targets and Milestones

We apply excellent methods and metrics to assess progress towards our vision.

Brand Promise

We make genuine commitments to our stakeholders (clients, shareholders, investors, employees, communities, regulators, suppliers, vendors and partners) concerning the experience LeishTon will provide.

Core Value

These are the guiding principles that dictate what LeishTon stands for in good times and bad times.

Strategic and Operational Priorities

These are the active takes (or do not take) in pursuit of LeishTon’s vision.

Leaders’ Behaviours

This is crucial and refers to how LeishTon’s leaders act on a daily basis and in the long-term as they seek to implement the company’s vision and strategic priorities, try to fulfill the brand promise and live up to the values.