The Glue and the Grease in LeishTon

At LeishTon, we focus on two priorities, the glue (collaborative engagement) and the grease (disciplined execution) to achieve our collective ambition. Shaping our collective ambition is not just about crafting an inspiring story that inspires employees. It is also about building engagement as a means to an end, to make the promise personal. In other words, shaping LeishTon’s collective ambition is an opportunity to build or strengthen the company’s glue. It is also an opportunity to deploy a company-wide disciplined execution strategy, the grease.

At LeishTon, we pride ourselves in collaborative engagement (the glue) and of disciplined execution (the grease). This is sine qua non to the achievement of our collective ambition. Collaborative engagement, the glue, creates a unified culture amongst LeishTon’s leaders and employees, which prepare them for disciplined execution, the grease that enhances productivity. LeishTon’s glue reminds its people why they are in business and why they come to work every day. We commit to collaborating to shape a powerful story about why people should come to work and how they can pull together to build a great future at LeishTon.