“At LeishTon, we commit to proudly deliver quality and exceptional service. We commit to serving our client today even better than the day before. We promise to provide the most exceptional client experience whenever we are engage for a task.”

The Seven Elements of LeishTon's Collective Ambition in Action

The power of our collective ambition is profound. We express our collective ambition through seven carefully crafted and integrated elements, including a compelling sense of purpose, a clear vision and strategy, well-articulated targets and milestones, exceptional leader behaviours and a brand promise that reflects our core values.  LeishTon’s leaders are deeply committed to upholding and professing the seven elements of collective ambition to give everyone in LeishTon a better sense of the organisation’s purpose. Our leaders also express these elements by creating a high performance culture that is hinged on the seven elements. Each of the seven elements are defined below:

Our Purpose (Our Mission Statement)
To provide top-tier consulting and training experience and top-notch research and governance data for our esteemed clients. 

Our Vision
To be the best consulting, training and research data company in Africa.

Our Core Values (The 10 LeishTon’s CCLIIPPTER Values)
C – Culture
C – Collaboration
L – Leadership

I – Integrity
I – Innovation
P – Professionalism
P – Positivity
T – Transparency
E – Excellence
R – Respect
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Brand Promise
At LeishTon, we are client-centric and solution focused. We commit to proudly-deliver quality and exceptional service and solutions. We commit to serving our clients today even better than the day before.
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Target and Milestones
LeishTon’s short-to-medium term plan is to become the preferred partner in consulting, organisational research, training and governance data solutions provider in Nigeria.
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Strategic and Operational Priority
We commit to delivering best consulting and training experience every day.
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Leader Behaviours

This refers to how LeishTon’s leaders act on a daily basis and in the long-term as we seek to implement the company’s vision and strategic priorities, strive to fulfil the brand promise and live up to the 10 LeishTon CCLIIPPTER values.
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