Trade-Based Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Programme Overview

Trade-based money laundering (ML) and terrorist financing (TF) is recognised as posing a serious risk to the global financial sector, including that of Nigeria. A serious case of Trade-Based ML and TF can reduce consumer and shareholders confidence and can impact the reputation of individual financial institutions, as well as potentially create challenging regulatory interventions. This programme seeks to focus on trade-based ML/TF typologies, particularly, the roles of financial institutions regarding AML/CFT in international trades


Programme Objective

To provide a robust and leading practice insight into the world of trade-based AML /CFT. By the end of the programme each participant will be able to:

  • Learn money laundering (ML) and terrorist financing (TF) risks associated with trade finance
  • Consider appropriate policies and procedures (systems and controls) to counter trade-based ML and TF in financial institution
  • Appreciate the international threats to trade-based ML and TF
  • Understand regulatory expectations with regard to trade-based ML and TF
  • Identify appropriate trade-based customer risk assessment measures
  • Maintain practical preventive and detective techniques to trade-based ML and TF
  • Consider and apply appropriate actions when trade-based ML and TF does occur



Programme Coverage

  • Legal and regulatory frameworks guiding AML/CFT in Nigeria
  • Regulatory expectations regarding trade-based ML and TF
  • Introduction to money laundering and terrorist financing
  • The risk-based approach to anti-money laundering
  • Trade-based customer risk assessment
  • Due diligence and ongoing due diligence of trade-based customers (trade finance)
  • The international dimension of trade-based money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Good practice vis-à-vis poor practice in trade-based AML/CFT
  • Challenges to preventing, detecting and investigating trade-based ML and TF
  • Preventive measures on trade-based ML/TF
  • Detective measures in trade-based ML/TF
  • Examples of trade-based ML and TF (“red flags”)
  • Trade-based compliance systems and controls
  • Case study and discussions


Who Should Attend?

  • All employees
  • Trade Finance/Export Finance/International Trade employees
  • Treasury employees
  • Operations employees responsible for trade finance/treasury activities
  • Compliance and AML employees
  • Risk management employees
  • Internal control and internal audit employees
  • All employees


Duration: 1 day (In-house/In-plant only)

Date: As agreed with our client

Programme fee: As negotiated

Key benefits: Improved employees’ Trade-Based AML/CFT skills, programme materials and certificate of participation